About Us

FairTriad facilitates donations to your Charity. It is a platform where as a donor, you list all the items you’d like to donate, and choose your preferred charity that will benefit from the cash raised. We’ve imagined this solution and try to make it as easy as possible for the donor, not only to turn clutter into a good action. But also encouraging the prevention of waste, maximizing its value before disposal, and supporting the move towards a more circular and sustainable economy where re-use is given precedence over new materials.

 Our Journey

I was moving to a new house and noticed several item stocked that I was no longer using. Rather than simply looking to make some money, my main concern was just to make sure my items would to be reused by someone who would find genuine value from it.

I explored all the options available. However, none of them gave me any confidence that the item would be in good hands: the money gained from this transaction would be used inefficiently, and the item would be resold at an outrageous price. That is what led me to do some more research.

Living in Toronto, I have found that people are strongly impacted by the increased cost of living and that they are also willing to pay a fair price for a valuable second-hand item. I have also noticed that in order to do their job properly, nonprofits need money more than ever before.

This is how the FairTriad idea was born: A solution that leverages your item donation to raise money for nonprofits and, at the same time, give fair deals to the community in need.

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New and simple way to donate your item

Generate cash for your favorite cause

Donation receipt for each transaction



Opportunity to find cheap quality items

Shop online and pick up locally

Money spend for a good cause,



New way to fundraise

Access to new donors

New space to promote your programs