How does it work?

Why Choose Fairtriad?

You’ve donated items in the past but what if you could financially give to local charities at the same time? FairTriad is a marketplace that gives a second life to your old stuff and supports the causes that matter the most to you.

We were founded to help you sell unwanted items, reduce waste, and make charitable donations in one convenient place.

Simply post your item on our marketplace for free, share it with your network, and when someone wants to buy it, they make an equivalent donation to your favourite charity on your behalf— all online from the comfort of your soon-to-be cleaner home.

Why should I buy from FairTriad?

Everyone benefits by using a charitable marketplace.


Declutter and give

Local Shoppers

Find affordable items in your neighbourhood

Charitiy Partners

Discover a new way to connect with donors

Calling all Charities and Fundraising Managers!

Looking for a new way to find donors? By partnering with FairTriad, sellers support you with the second-hand sales they make.