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FairTriad is a platform where Torontonians can donate items and shop local in order to fundraise for charities. FairTriad also blogs about circular economy, local charities, gives you tips to declutter and more.

FairTriad entity is registered with Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) under the corp. # 723201885RC0001. 

We have a Google page where reviews can be seen and left. We are also active and on social media.

All interactions are approved by an admin.

All FairTriad members will get access to a dashboard with details receipt after each financial transaction.

Banking information is not stocked in our servers, but handled by the third parties STRIPE and PAYPAL.

The website domain includes agreement to the Canadian Internet Registration Authority’s (CIRA).


Extra Security measures taken with encrypted User ID and passwords, SSL certificate, anti-virus and data backup, secure log files, log out feature after a page is closed, expire sessions and more.

For extra details, email us at info@fairtriad.ca

The name FairTriad represents the fair relationship between the three parties: the donor that give an item, the shopper that buys it for a cause and the charity that improve the society. They are all united as one to benefit the community in Toronto.

This idea for Fairtriad came after months of searching for the most cost-effective solution to reuse items we no longer need. As explained in the introduction video (2 minutes version).

Clothing: Includes women’s, men’s, boy’s, girls’, unisex, and baby clothing items such as coats, jackets, vintage clothing, accessories, shoes, boots, and all other footwear items.

Technology: Encompasses technology related items, such as media, electronics, cell phones, tablets, computer desks, laptop’s, PC’s, TV’s, audio equipment, cameras, video games, appliances, and more.

Home: Contains a range of items for the home, such as homeware, furniture, kitchen appliances, home electronics, bathroom items, heating/cooling, moving supplies, pet care, lighting, drawers and units, beds, mattresses, wardrobes, chairs, and more.

Entertainment and Experiences: Access to things to do or see, such as tickets to an event, discounts, vacations, getaways, coupons, events, online access, professional services, travel, skills trading, and more.

Outdoor: Convers items for outdoor activities such as bikes, camping gear, fishing, hunting, boating, hockey, outdoor play equipment, luggage, sport or leisure equipment, hiking, gardening tools and machines, and more.

Other: Anything and everything that is considered to be miscellaneous, unusual or that does not fit in with the other main categories. Such items include health and beauty, antique, automotive, auto parts, musical instruments, jewellery, watches, wanted items, and more.

1) To participate, the Donor needs to register and select a charity to be financed and this preferred method of contact to organise the pick-up. Doing so, the donor will have the ability to post any he no longer need.

2) If interested by any item, the Shopper can register before making a deposit payment. Doing so, the Shopper will receive to the donor's contact information in order to organise the pick up. Once satisfied with the item, the Shopper confirms the transaction or can request a refund.

3) After the pick up is confirmation, Fairtriad will release the money on hold to the donor's charity of choice. The Charity will later on email the donor with a tax receipt.

“AVAILABLE”: Item made available by a donor, to be bought by a shopper in order to have exclusivity on the pickup.

“ON HOLD”: Item status after the payment is made by the shopper. Items in the process of being picked-up are also ON HOLD

“NON AVAILABLE”: Item no longer available to be bought by any shopper.

An Administrator validates the members and charities, moderate the comments and more,

A Donor makes an item available for sale to benefit this chosen charity,

A Shopper pays for an available item at and pick up at the donor's convenience,

A Charity is chosen by a donor to receive the financial benefit of each sale.

  1. Cost effective solution to create more space
  2. Promote your chosen cause
  3. Assurance that all item sold is being reused
  4. Benefit the community selling at a fair price
  5. No money discussion or bargaining
  6. Pick-up is arranged at your convenience
  7. The money gets allocated to your charity
  8. Get a tax receipt after each sell
  9. Access to a dashboard with a detailed transaction history
  10. Most importantly, the feeling of doing good and making people happy

For now, only Canadian registered charities are approved to receive cash donations via FairTriad. You can either choose one from the available list of causes or propose yours manually under the charities section.

All items will need to be approved by the admin team before they are made available. Because it’s for a good cause, we are encouraging donors to donate quality items that are to be made available at a fair price and that sells for $25 minimum.

Payment is requested up front. The Shopper will then receive a deposit receipt. This receipt will contain the donor’s private contact information and all of the necessary info to arrange pick up at the donor’s convenience. Once pick-up is confirmed on both Donor and Shopper sides, or within 7 days, the funds will be released to the charity.

They represent 5%, which is already included in the selling price. This cover Harmonized Sales Tax (HST), the banking fees, insurance and platform cost. After each transaction, a detailed receipt will be available on the dashboard showing all the information.

7 days after payment is made by the shopper or as soon as the pick-up is confirmed. When released to the charity, a payment confirmation receipt will be available in the donor’s dashboard. Be aware that this payment confirmation receipt is not a tax receipt. However, an official tax receipt will be issued separately by your chosen Charity.

Go to your dashboard, then, under shopper’s space, select the option to modify an item status to "NON-AVAILABLE". In the case a payment has been made before the status change, the shopper will get 100% refund, with any admin fees included.

No guarantee can be provided, but we will utilize social media and email periodic updates to keep our shoppers informed when new items are made available. Most importantly, is “word of mouth” from you.

  1. When you register, make sure you indicate your full name, address and email under the tax receipt section.
  2. After an item is picked up, make sure the transaction is confirmed in both your and the Shopper end.
  3. Contact your charity and claim your tax receipt using your donation receipt available on your dashboard, donor's space.

The tax receipt will be based on the money that is sent to the charity on the donor's behalf. It represents the full price of the item paid by the shopper, minus the 5% admin fees. 

Every registered donor has access to a Donor's space under the dashboard section. Here you will have the ability to access all your donation history with detailed receipts.

Valet Service is a convenient service designed to make you 'item donation' even easier. Here is what we can do for you: 

  • Take any donation by email and post them on your behalf,
  • Come over and help you choose, feature and organize items you'd like to donate,
  • Organise pick up and storage service within 25 km.

To get started simply book an appointment with one of our local agent at info@fairtriad.ca. Don't forget to provide us will all the necessary info along with your contact and best time to reach you at.