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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Fairtriad?

Q: What is Fairtriad's concept?

FairTriad is a platform where Canadians can buy and sell unused items to finance canadian charities.

Q: What makes this platform is trustworthy and transparent?

FairTriad entity is registered with Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) under the corp. # 723201885RC0001.

Sellers can post items anonymously. Only the postal code is accepted to display the address approximately.

People can communicate using internal private messaging with a username. As a result, no name, email, or any private information is dispayed to the public

Fairtriad is active on social media and has a Google page where reviews can be seen and left.

All interactions are approved by an admin.

All FairTriad members will get access to a dashboard with detailed information for transactions.

The website domain includes an agreement to the Canadian Internet Registration Authority’s (CIRA).


Extra Security measures taken with encrypted User ID and passwords, SSL certificate, anti-virus and data backup, secure log files, log out feature after a page is closed, expire sessions and more.

For extra details, email us at

Q: What does "FairTriad" mean?

The name FairTriad represents the fair relationship between the group of three: the seller that gives an item, the shopper that buys it for a cause, and the charity that improves society. They are all united as one to benefit the community in Toronto.

Q: What is the origin of this concept ?

This idea for Fairtriad came after months of searching for the most cost-effective solution to reuse items we no longer need. As explained in the introduction video (2 minutes version).

Q: What are the 6 item categories available?

Clothing: Includes women’s, men’s, boy’s, girls’, unisex, and baby clothing items such as coats, jackets, vintage clothing, accessories, shoes, boots, and all other footwear items.

Technology: Encompasses technology related items, such as media, electronics, cell phones, tablets, computer desks, laptop’s, PC’s, TV’s, audio equipment, cameras, video games, appliances, and more.

Home: Contains a range of items for the home, such as homeware, furniture, kitchen appliances, home electronics, bathroom items, heating/cooling, moving supplies, pet care, lighting, drawers and units, beds, mattresses, wardrobes, chairs, and more.

Entertainment and Experiences: Access to things to do or see, such as tickets to an event, discounts, vacations, getaways, coupons, events, online access, professional services, travel, skills trading, and more.

Outdoor: Convers items for outdoor activities such as bikes, camping gear, fishing, hunting, boating, hockey, outdoor play equipment, luggage, sport or leisure equipment, hiking, gardening tools and machines, and more.

Other: Anything and everything that is considered to be miscellaneous, unusual or that does not fit in with the other main categories. Such items include health and beauty, antique, automotive, auto parts, musical instruments, jewellery, watches, wanted items, and more.

Q: How does it works ?

To participate, the Seller needs to register, post an item and select a charity to beneficiary receive the money when the item sells.

The Seller can then share the post to its close friends or in social media. Interested shoppers can also contact him via private message to negotiate an agreement.

It’s up to the Seller to :

  • Change the item status to RESERVED so no other shopper can message him.
  • Verify to make sure the donation has been made to the chosen charity before exchanging the item.
  • Change the item status to NON-AVAILABLE when the item is picked-up and no longer available.

Q: What are the 3 different statuses an item can have?

“AVAILABLE”: Item made available by a donor for a symbolic donation to a chosen charity.

“RESERVED”: Item status after the shopper agrees to pick the item up from the seller. No other shopper can contact the Seller.

“NON AVAILABLE”: Item no longer available.

Q: What are the different FairTriad roles and definition?

An Administrator validates the members and charities, items displayed, and registrations,

A Seller makes an item available for sale to benefit this chosen charity,

A Shopper makes a cash donation to a chosen charity before picking up an available item,

A Charity Partner is chosen by a donor to receive the money after each sale.

Q: What are the benefits of becoming a FairTriad Seller?

Cost effective solution to create more space

Promote your chosen cause

Assurance that all item sold is being reused

Benefit the community selling at a fair price

No money discussion or bargaining

Pick-up is arranged at your convenience

The money gets allocated to your charity

Access to a dashboard with a detailed transaction history

Most importantly, the feeling of doing good and making people happy

Q: Video: How to sell an item?

Q: What are the steps to donate an item?

1) Register to post items and choose a charity to support-

It’s100% Free and anonymous : Ony your username is displayed. Address for pick display is approximate with the use of Postal code only.

2) Share the post with your close network (Facebook, Whatsapp…) OR Reply back to the interested shoppers.

You’ll receive an email notification for each message but private chat is the only option to cmmunicate with shoppers.

3)  Verify the symbolic payment has been made to your chosen Charity before handing the item to the shopper

Payment can me made using CanadaHelps or Charity direct link. Link availabe under the Charity information.

4) Update your dashboard after each step:

Change the item  status to RESERVED before the pickup so no one will contact you

Change the item status to NONAVAILABLE to close the transaction

Q: Which charities are approved to receive a cash donation?

For now, only Canadian registered charities are approved to receive cash donations via FairTriad. You can either choose one from the available list of causes or propose yours manually under the charities section.

Q: What items can be made available via FairTriad?

All items will need to be approved by the admin team before they are made available. Because it’s for a good cause, we are encouraging donors to donate quality items that are to be made available at a fair price and that sells for $25 minimum.

Q: How can I cancel an item donation?

Go to your dashboard, then, under Seller’s space, select the option to modify an item status to “NON-AVAILABLE”.

Q: How can I make sure my posted item will sell?

No guarantee can be provided, but we will utilize social media and email periodic updates to keep our shoppers informed when new items are made available. Most importantly, is “word of mouth” from you.

Q: How can I keep track of all the donations that I have made?

Every registered donor has access to a Donor’s space under the dashboard section. Here you will have the ability to access all your donation history with detailed receipts.

Q: What are the 10 benefits of becoming a FairTriad Shopper?

Opportunity to check good deals from the comfort of your home

Find only high-quality items to choose from

Save money by prioritizing reused items over new

Participate in the financing of a good cause

Have exclusivity for pick-up on every item you like

Shop your locally within your neighborhood

There are only 6 categories to browse from

Access a dashboard containing all your transactions history

Most importantly: help the planet by being Eco-friendly

Q: What are the steps to donate an item?

1) Check the website f0r item posted

2)  Register to communicate with the seller using the private chat

3) Make sure the item matches your expectations before making the payment to the seller’s charity

Q: What to do if i am interested in an item available?

Just contact the Seller, negotiate the conditions to pick the item up ( date, time, location, exhange contact…)

The Seller will then put the item status to RESERVED so you’ll have exclusivity on it. No other shopper will be able to contact the seller.

The donation payment can be made at any time before the pickup

Q: How do I pay for an item?

For now, the platform will not accept any payment. Each donation payment is made via the charty’s platfrom or via the CanadaHelps link provided.

Before making the donation payment, you can make sure you :

  • Know what you are buying by checking the item photos, price, and description,
  • Check the item approximate location to pick up,
  • Communicate with the donor and ask about availabilities or ask any other question before the meet-up,
  • Make the symbolic payment to the seller’s charity displayed,
  • The item is carefully checked to make sure it meets your expectations before you part from the seller.

Q: What happens after a payment is made?

After a payment is made, the status of the item will change from ‘AVAILABLE’ to ‘ON HOLD’. At this point, the shopper will have exclusivity on the item. They will also get access to a proof of payment with the necessary information to arrange a pickup within 7 days. When the pick-up is confirmed, the money is released to the charity.

Q: What if a problem happened after the pick up?

Each seller is responsible for listing whether or not they will accept returns and process refunds at this own cost. In all instances, we’ll strive to do everything we can to facilitate an agreement.

Q: Video: What's the Shopper's Journey (120 sec)?

Q: How can a charity register on FairTriad?

For now, only Canadian registered charities are elegible to receive funding from our donors. You can add yours at any time by filling a form in the Charity section. This charity will be available for anyone to received funding after approval. Each charity has an official number and is searchable using the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) website here.

Q: What are the benefits to register with FairTriad?

After registration, the Charity Partner will have its own boutique to share with its supporters where every sale or purchase will benefit directly the charities programs.

We can also work on a template to make the promotion easier. This effort will help Fartriad Founder get this fundraising idea tested and get users.

It’s a win-win situation.

Q: What conditions a charity needs to meet to join?

It’s Free to join but make sure the Charity:

  1. Is an active Canadian Registered Charity
  2. Communicates general information by email to FairTriad or through the “Propose a Charity” form under the Charity section
  3. Agrees with the Fairtriad terms and conditions
  4. Communicates PayPal, Stripe or e-transfer information to receive payments
  5. Has an admin contact ready to answer anyone’s question

When all those conditions are met, you can complete the form Propose a Charity here or email us at

Q: Where does the information under the charity section come from?

Because Canadian registered charities are transparent, all financial and administrative information are available to the public. They can be found by browsing the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) website, CanadaHelps, or from the Charities themselves upon request.

Q: Is the process approved by Canada Revenue Agency?

According the following letter, the process is legal and approved by the Canada Revenue Agency.

For more information or confirmation, Canada Revenue Agency can be reach out at the following toll free number 1(800) 267-2384