FAIRTRIAD is an e-commerce online platform which bring together DONORS for second-hand ITEMS with SHOPPERS to meet the goal of release financial resources which will benefit the BENEFICIARY CHARITIES selected by the DONORS. FAIRTRIAD is a corporation and entity which is registered within the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) under the number 723201885RC0001.

The User is under the General Conditions of Use from FAIRTRIAD as soon as they register and until the complete deletion of their personal account. These terms are under the Canadian laws. In case of a dispute between the interpretation or the execution of one the stipulations of these terms or of one of our general conditions of use, and if they do not manage to find an appropriate agreement to the dispute, FAIRTRIAD and the members of FAIRTRIAD COMMUNITY agree to submit the dispute to the judgment of the Canadian Court.


All of your personal data is without exception used exclusively as part of the APPLICATION and the WEBSITE FAIRTRIAD. FAIRTRIAD is committed to comply with all ten PIPEDA principles. As such, FAIRTRIAD sets up measures to ensure that it is adequately protected, which can help reduce risk of privacy breaches. Furthermore, each user, can, at any moment, decide to freely delete their account as well as their entire history. It is still possible to contact our team on this page: https://FAIRTRIAD.ca/contact to ask us to perform any type of account termination or personal data modification as long as there is not any doubt about the identity and belonging of the profile. FAIRTRIAD is committed to carry any demand of this type in their best timeframe.

FAIRTRIAD MEMBERS can choose to stay anonymous, by simply choosing to use a PSEUDONYM, which when registered (at the profile registration or when a profile modification happens) will replace their first and last names. FAIRTRIAD does not reveal in any case the other data registered and only brings together the MEMBERS when they see fit by instant messenger.

Financial data from FAIRTRIAD MEMBERS as well as the BENEFICIARY CHARITIES are not kept on our servers but are redirected to our providers STRIPE AND PAYPAL.

The data concerning the CHARITIES are issued from the national public register of CHARITIES. In case you note that your CHARITY does not appear on the WEBSITE or that there is missing or wrong data, do not hesitate to verify the communicated data on the Canadian government website: https://apps.cra-arc.gc.ca/ebci/haip/srch/advancedsearch-eng.action or at CanadaHelps https://www.canadahelps.org/en/and to update them if needs be. The validated data by the government will be corrected accordingly on FAIRTRIAD. All the complementary data to this register, which will be brought to verify an associative beneficiary account can be the subject of modification or termination by filling the form found here: https://FAIRTRIAD.ca/contact.

As part of their management, FAIRTRIAD can be brought to keep, in a private manner, some data that could help them justify to the administration, their activity (act of purchasing for example).

FAIRTRIAD is committed to never give away or share any data that is strictly personal to their users without their consent and will do everything to protect them.


With the support of FAIRTRIAD, MEMBERS, DONORS and SHOPPERS collaborate in order to make the DONATION to the BENEFICIARY CHARITY happen, the DONNOR can, under some conditions benefit from a consecutive tax credit from his DONATION.

When a TRANSFER is done:

  1. The selling amount – the cost of the contribution is transferred from the bank account of the SHOPPER directly to the account of the BENEFICIARY CHARITY, from the DONOR (the one that sells the item to the benefit of the CHARITY).
  2. The contribution is subtracted to the amount of the bank fees which is transferred to FAIRTRIAD
  3. The money is transferred 7 days later (at most at the end of the month in case of a grouped multiple payments) on the bank account of the CHARITY.

The DONOR is informed that every ITEM listed below are forbidden to be sold on FAIRTRIAD: tobacco, drugs, dangerous substances (toxic or illicit), medications, firearms, explosives, vegetal specimens, protected animal species (or the ones that are under strict trade regulations), every perishable food product (wine and champagne non-included), counterfeit ITEMS.


FAIRTRIAD does not control the validity, veracity, sincerity nor legality of the data of every kind provided on the website by the USERS. From this, every mention, data and content carried on FAIRTRIAD by an USER are under their entire responsibility. The USERS are committed to:

  • Never use any data or mention any content (pseudonym, mail address, editorial, photos, etc.)that can be infringing to the rights of an individual, defamatory, harmful, threatening, vulgar, obscene, pornographic, offensive, abuse, aggressive, violent, racist, xenophobic, hateful, reprehensible or that can potentially attack a legal person, a private individual, a community, a right to intellectual property and more generally the values of the FAIRTRIAD COMMUNITY
  • Not fill the registering form with whimsical, fictional or wrong data
  • Inform FAIRTRIAD from any fraudulent use by an individual of said data whenever they come in contact with such a case

FAIRTRIAD can at any moment, for moderation, transparency, prevention or fraud detection purposes, verify the data that is published on the WEBSITE. FAIRTRIAD is reserving the right to verify the data published by the MEMBERS at any moment, to modify the said data and in the appropriate case, to delete the said personal account. The MEMBERS recognize and accept that FAIRTRIAD can delete any DATA or ANNOUNCEMENT that are illegal or against the regulations in effect, as well as against the general condition of use concerning the terms of creation rules.


The DONOR and the SHOPPER can confirm that acquisition of the ITEM by going to the DASHBOARD window which will have the irremediable effect to change the STATUS of the TRANSACTION ON HOLD by TRANSACTION PICKED-UP as well as to provide a detailed RECEIPT for every money transfer. By default, a TRANSACTION ON HOLD will be automatically changed to TRANSACTION PICKED-UP after a 7 days period from the confirmation of the RESERVATION.

In the case a SHOPPER did not receive the PRODUCT by the agreed terms with the DONOR (PRODUCT not delivered, damaged PRODUCT, counterfeit or not conform to the specifications of the ANNOUNCEMENT, etc.), the SHOPPER can activate the REFUND feature (which will void the donation) in the following 7 days of guarantee and only the administrative fees will be taken and not reimbursed.

If, for any raison, the DONOR or the SHOPPER decide to ask for the CANCELATION of a TRANSACTION by making a RECLAMATION, the TRANSACTION will be frozen and will be under STUDY for a period of 15 days from the moderation team. It will be decided between:

  • VOID the TRANSACTION and bring back the ANNOUNCEMENT online (no fees will be taken from the account of the SHOPPER)
  • VOID the TRANSACTION and delete the ANNOUNCEMENT (no fees will be taken from the account of the SHOPPER)
  • KEEP THE TRANSACTION in case it is demonstrated that the item has been issued compliant to the said general conditions.

The USERS are informed that no PICKED-UP TRANSACTION can be voided. It is specified that FAIRTRIAD cannot be held liable for any direct or indirect prejudice that could result in a reclamation or any activity tied to the use of an acquired PRODUCT.


Only the CHARITIES and THE ACTIVE BENEFICIARY FOUNDATIONS can be the recipient of money transfers under the appellation DONATION. In order to respect the ensemble of the laws and regulations in term of fight against money laundering and terrorism support, we took the decision to, at first, only accept the CHARITIES that are registered to the national register of CHARITIES made by the Canadian government, which can be found here: https://www.canada.ca/en/revenue-agency/services/charities-giving/charities-listings.html

Furthermore, no BENEFICIARY account and their money transfers are validated unless they:

  • Completed their profile on FAIRTRIAD.ca
  • Accepted the General Conditions of Use from our services as well as the banking operator STRIPE and PAYPAL


In case our moderation team establish that an account is under the suspicion of fraud, capital laundering, terrorism support or anything that could affect the security of the account payment or the security of FAIRTRIAD, the company retains the right to suspend or terminate without warning, the account of any USER.

A BENEFICIARY CHARITY or an USER can at any moment ask for the termination or modification of their account registered on FAIRTRIAD by mail by writing to info@fairtriad.ca. Our moderation team is committed to act in the shortest delay.